Thursday, August 25, 2016


I was happily sipping a very cold Fiji Bitter by the pool at the Westin last Friday when I decided to take a quick look at whatever 'Friday Fulminations' had to offer.

First up was a post by David calling on Vietnam veterans to stop whinging because the Vietnamese government had called time out on a range of activities proposed for an estimated 1,000 Oz and Kiwi veterans who had made the journey to Vietnam to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the battle of Long Tan.   My good friend Adolf took issue with the post.

This is one of the few occasions where Adolf and I will have to agree to disagree.

But my real anger is directed at whoever organised the event.   Did they not consider for a moment how ordinary Vietnamese (let alone the government) might view those sort of numbers of Uc Dai Loy and quan dao Tan tay lun descending on 'their' country to commemorate a battle where 42 members of 1st Australian Task Force were either killed or wounded against an estimated 595 from the VC 5th Infantry Division killed/wounded (and 3 captured).     Ok, I understand that the organizers had invited some of our Vietnamese adversaries to share in commemorations (which included a concert and a 'gala' dinner) but that really is beside the point.    It was crass, insensitive and a down-under version of Eugene Burdick and William Lederer's Ugly American in play in spades.

I have been to the Long Tan battle site.   It's off the beaten track in the middle of a rubber plantation and you have to cross private land.   It would be nigh on impossible to accommodate 1,000 all at once.   I still have the receipt for 250,000 Dong I paid the local communist party office for a guide to take me there.    He stood aside to allow me to pay my respects but 'no photographs please'.   You have to respect that.   How were the 'organisers' to manage 1,000?

The whole thing was a debacle and poorly thought out by people who forgot that those attending were the guests who may have won a battle (if you win battles) but lost a war in someone else's country.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Never has so much been expended on a non event.

The people of Havelock have, with a village mentality, been seeing themselves as something that are not and never will be. Somehow better than the those who live just up Havelock Road in Hastings and infinitely better than the people of Flaxmere. As demonstrated so vividly they were all at risk in Hastings urban area when their shared water supply became toxic.

That "village mentality" has over many years resisted a simple chlorination system that would have prevented the sad outcomes from a contaminated water supply that has had thousands wishing they had never discovered Campylobacter was not the neighbours cat.

My spies have told me there is now a "security guard" standing in the open land where the bores are situated, no mention of any back up should that erstwhile person have a sudden call of nature and lets understand,  those with a working knowledge of the epidemic under discussion will confirm, the ravages of gastro intestinal can have a very short time lapse between urge and expulsion when campylobacter is around.

A drilled Bore water supply has a very obvious and unpreventable ability to suffer contamination. While the liner can deliver water as pure as the underground aquifer can sustain, it is very difficult to prevent surface water finding its level by travelling down the outer surface of the well liner to that reservoir and should that free water become contaminated, then the stage is set for a disaster. Inland from Hastings/Havelock and Flaxmere,  other urbanised settlements have some rustic effluent systems that could be in the gun

Add in the fact that almost all citizens now have a relatively secure water supply, leading to precious little protection in the ability for almost all citizens to thwart an inevitable biological assault.
Back in the day many rural dwellers had a water supply that today would have medical officers of health in conniptions.

Water races were an affordable and efficient system of providing water to stock and houses across many acres of this country and are still to be seen as a line across hillsides and many roads followed such races as boundaries in the evolution from runs/stations to farms and small holdings.
In my childhood on the Northern Amuri plains a very small flow creek with  reliable summer base flow had been harnessed with a weir to divert its flow into an open race that served our farm and five others for stock and all took their house water from that water race system, a concept repeated in hundreds of other areas throughout the developing nation. In our case about a kilometre up race from our house a two inch galvanised pipe took water from that race and delivered it to two four hundred gallon tanks at the back door where natural settling was the  purifying part of the system. It was not unusual particularly in high summer to have a cow walking up the race above the "intake" grazing the lush growth on the banks while passing  waste from either orifice or worse, a deceased animal, bovine, ovine or merely a pest such as rabbit, hare, possum, or bird that had expired in the waterway.

Since leaving home and living rural for all but a couple of years out of over fifty when we resided in the old Akaroa borough with its heavily chlorinated open creek sourced water,  swmbo and self have lived entirely dependent on Rainwater collected  from the roof of our habitation, currently with the advanced protection that only birds can access the collection areas, the other nod to progress has an inline cartridge filter  to a tap on the kitchen bench for drinking water, that said we still brush teeth with unfiltered water. Yes we are at risk but it is measured and accepted risk, while the nearby city of the dammed is playing Russian roulette with its assumed water supply safety and yet that has nearly 400 000 souls who could be at risk of what Havelock has and still endures in a biological contamination event because they decline to adopt chlorination.

The prime suspect in this recent "headline news"  story that has an ignorant and non-inquiring MSM so occupied is IMEHO the recent weather event that delivered above average precipitation and power outages in sync.
Anyone with a minor understanding of modern water supply and effluent management becoming seriously compromised with the thousands suffering,  evidence  exhibit "A".
One Hastings District person who lives rural as we  have for decades, suffered numerous barbs and ridicule because she took water from home to work only to have karma enter stage left and strike her tormentor down with the dreaded lurgy.
That exposes another false rumour with the rubbish that a reused "water bottle" can be contaminated to the degree of a toilet seat, of course possible, yes, but likely not with basic hygiene and washing procedures, then again not difficult to unearth some who will be exponents of such rumour being proved true.  More than one anecdotal tale of woe from sufferers who having overindulged taking the age old cure next morning with copious water taken aboard to reduce the dehydration effects with disastrous results.

A safe water supply is a given in NZ today but with reduced tolerance of many nasties just waiting to pounce it seems rather stupid and ignorant for any supply authority to ignore a proven, logical affordable water treatment such as basic chlorination provides. I am left wondering just how many water bottling enterprises start with chlorinated water and remove the chemical with filtering to then label their product as "spring water" or some other name suggesting 100% pure.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

They Ran Away

I don't often link to other blogs but this story is unlikely to make it either in the 'shabby little tabloid' or on gummint funded junk TV.

Don Brash ventured out to Glendene the other day to give a hand to local body canditate David Rankin.  A TVN news crew was in attendance, two cameramen and a reporter.

Out of a car stepped a 'P' inflamed fellow, waving a sword in one hand and dragging a child along with the other.  Brash and Rankin remonstrated with the an and eventually persuaded him to calm down, whereupon he did so, driving away shortly to be arrested.

What a fanatastic story for the six o'clock news.  It has everything. Senior ex politician, up and coming Maori leader, violence, pathos - the lot.

But you won't see it because, at the first sign of danger, the intrepid reporters literally ran away.  Not only did they run away, they locked themselves in their car.It is not know what they did in the car.  Did they feverishly recite passages from the Bible or the Koran?  Did they mumble what they could remember of The Lord's Prayer?

One thing they didn't do was do their bloody jobs,

Monday, August 22, 2016


I note King Tuku through his spokesman Tuheietia  is taking up the moronic latest appeasement effort as a day to "remember (the) Maori Wars".
Will it include the murderous "affrays" that occurred when  Te Rauparaha after several slaughterings of various Maori in his aim of cornering the Jade market,  centered on the South Island West Coast and towards a final bloody murder of white settlers in the Wairau Valley north of Blenheim, originally referred to as a Massacre then down graded to an affray and today is merely an incident, mind you the still dead white settlers might have considered the original term to be more accurate as 29 dead is not to be taken lightly. Then again the Pike River explosion that is widely described as a "Disaster" may in future be down graded to incident, it will depend on who is writing about it I guess.

Is it time that Cullodden, Bannockburn, Glencoe  were all re-addressed and perhaps given a new descriptive.

Just what New Zealand needs as the ToW continues to be the basis for a racial division of our nation into paying serfs and entitled racially created elites living high on the hog with underwear that costs more per pair than what a struggling family spends at the grocer on a weeks food after tax on the income and before the Tax on those groceries.

Another ever paler "Brown Holiday" where the luvvies will riot and create additional mayhem for our police.

Boil your drinking water Hamilton, The Palace is very near, the contamination risk just moved to "code red".

Sunday, August 21, 2016

From PC Australia

In the latest hysterical demonstration of political correctness, the AFL has banned a female spectator who threw a banana at a group of players which happened to include a 'star' who apparently is aboriginal.  I say 'apparently' because this fellow looks to me to be about one thirty tooth blackfeller and 31 thirty tooths white feller.

It remains unconfirmed whether the lady in question shouted 'Allahu Akbar' or 'Nicy ncky nanna, Black faced banana'

One wonders if there would have been such a fuss if all the players had been whitefellers.


The Ockers didn't arrive at the ground until five minutes before full time.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Celebrating Graceless Losers

Here's another reason why I'm really not terribly interested in these Olympics.

After days and days of gungho predictions for gold by the yard, I'm now bombarded with headlines making excuses for a nation of losers.  Here's today's ration.

Silver for "Gutted" Jared Tallent.

He failed to finish in first place.  Maybe he just didn't have enough talent.

The Clark Cullen Playbook

Apparently Malcolm Turnbull and his hapless henchmen are relying on growth in the Australian economy to solve their deficit crisis, or so they say..  Of course that is the socialist's way of avoiding taking stern measures which actually will repair the economy but will upset some voters.

Trouble is, there's no growth.  Now comes the news saner people will dread.   

Employment surge comes at expense of taxpayers

Rampant growth in public-sector jobs and wages is exacerbating the nation’s debt and deficit woes and stoking concern among business leaders about continued government borrowing to pay wages bills.
An analysis of jobs data by The Weekend Australian shows that the rapid expansion in public-­sector employment and wages comes as workers in the private sector face increased job insecurity and record-low salary rises.

Most of Australia's current anaemic GDP growth has come from expansion of the public service.  Does that sound alarmingly familiar to New Zealanders?  Remember how Clark and Cullen fudged the figures?  They drove the productive sector into recession but hid that from the public by boosting GDP through expansion of the public service

Welcome to recession, Australia.

Was there a Gold medal or a demonstration sport only.

A British television presenter was interrupted during a live broadcast by two people apparently having sex behind him on   Copacabana Beach in Rio.

Not sure, 'interruption' was the case the presenter upon being made aware suggested they were having a cuddle and one had adopted a rather unusual position to read a book.
Good old Beeb

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, August 18, 2016


While so many ill-informed dumbarses in what passes for the MSM daily pimp a stream of hard luck stories of people earning good dosh, many returning from a lucrative and rewarding off shore arena, wanting to start their property ladder effort with a nice home in a nice burb with everything laid on,  Stuff has a fairy tale of a couple not yet mid twenties looking to buy a third house.

A 'mechanic' and an 'administration worker' who admit they are "careful" with their money bought an ex state house for $220 000 three years ago when they were 21 and 19 after sharing accommodation with friends to save on rent costs while accumulating the necessary deposit to buy.

Clearly no gap year nonsense, multiple coffees, dining out, concerts, holidays to exotic locations, in fact a life style that almost all my peers  lived as we made our way in what so many nowadays wax lyrical as to how we had it so good.

OK so this wonder couple are getting off their bums in Nelson but what a wonderful effort.
It is entirely possible when they reach the age of many of the whining that are being pimped this couple will go to Auckland having cashed up their portfolio in Nelson and do even better in the City of Sails while the pimped whiners are still renting a bloody garage, owning nothing while sitting at a table of a Ponsonby Café delivering yet another tale of ''woe is me" to a repeater from State TV

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


 Hot on the heels of an appalling scurrilous attack on the independence and true function of the Statistics Department Head by the one Member with notionally the greatest credentials and opportunity to know better, a certain Rainbow flag bearer who has worked at the heart of the too often maligned and independent public service, the ineptitude of the NZLP continues as it abrogates its statutory function.

Robbo should and does know better that a suggestion  the Statistics dept has on instruction from the government massaged the House Hold Labour force survey figures  is without foundation and totally at odds with the reality.
On the suggestion that reading face book, trade me or any other digital platform could be construed as seeking a job has about as much relevance as accusing a reader of comics being an accessory to murder.
Only a total moron would think such rubbish.

Then to cap another day of incompetence, Little Chrissy from the Hutt Valley hinterland attempted to smash what was a rather cynical use of private Members Bills process by Nuk Korako on advertising lost luggage, with a poorly worded effort that New Boy Korako swatted away with ease.
The Ginga then opened his puny self to a grenade attack intended to hit Nuk but it  exploded in his hand when after his second question had to be repeated due to the derision it deserved not allowing Korako to hear it  and the pathetic wee chap could not remember what he had asked in his supplementary. After Mr Speaker got him back on track he was then buried by  Korako who reminded the House that an extremely unlucky Minister, Clayton Cosgrove had managed to lose three separate Luggage lots and maybe the process suggested in the bill might have been of assistance to a sufferer of such appalling luck.

While there might be some merit in accusing Korako's use of the Private members bill process as cynical tactics but Chrissy's inept use of the little used questions to "Members"  that caused such embarrassing self harm was supreme irony indeed.

They Really Want You to Think Black is White.

Lefty journalists, that is.

Cop this latest dim witted effort at mendacious sensationalism from Australia's ABC.

BHP Billiton has posted a statutory net full-year loss of $US6.385 ($8.3 billion) on significant one-off write-downs.  It is the company's first annual loss since BHP and Billiton merged 15 years ago.
The company was expected to post a $US5.9 billion ($7.7 billion) loss according to the average of 11 analysts' estimates compiled by Bloomberg.
BHP Billiton's slump in profit was largely driven by a 31 per cent dive in revenue due to plunging commodity prices. (my italics)
Now have a look at a more intelligent report from the Australian.

Secondly, the loss was created by asset writedowns because it paid too much for US shale oil and gas assets in the boom and was hit by last year’s Samarco disaster.
BHP actually created a cash surplus from earnings and made a trading profit. Indeed that trading profit of some 22 cents a share was less than its 30 cents a share dividend, which reflects confidence in the 2016-17 outlook and its moderate gearing.
So the truth on the matter is the ABC is telling lies.  There was no trading loss, as the ABC report falsely implies.  The 'loss' was brought about by bringing to book the sale of over-valued assets.

Sounds like a pretty good time to buy some BHP shares.

And to sell off the God awful ABC.


Transport administer Simon Bridges is going to look at the cost of a "P" licence, said to be around $2000.

Now colour me orange but just how many Uber drivers have been prosecuted for offences against passengers, sexual, fraud or even common assault.

Yet we are to accept that the $2000 fee for a "P" licence will give protection, that is as utterly bloody useless as the Teacher unions claiming there is a danger from "unregistered" teachers such as can work in charter schools.
There have been far too many disgusting paedos and other deviants who have existed for years under a cone of silence and obfuscation from Union run interference and protection.

How come when a  crat gives support to car pooling and ride sharing by commuters there is no accompanying mass warnings of the danger from predatory scumbags using such process to create opportunities for crime.
Then there is an equally puzzling matter of a very ordinary driver putting a dozen people in a minivan and driving an unlimited distance  while making another driver who wishes to take the whole rugby team have a vehicle vastly higher in legal requirement and the driver to have a "P" licence.

So it would seem that one of Mr Key's rising stars has discovered enough polling knowledge to now seek to find a compromise in the matter of modern technology being introduced to a simple task of getting to an airport in a timely manner with minimal danger from poor drivers and endless queues of cabs and the drivers just sitting around waiting when someone else is struggling to get picked up for a trip to a Dr,  possibly somewhere across town that will not disgorge a bunch of captive customers en mass at say airport, stadium or other opportunity.

It must be assumed that there was  sufficient  pressure from the combined weight of Uber drivers and their satisfied customers to make continued stupidity in standing on a beach asking the tide to stop its advance.

When time is of little moment I tend to use a shuttle bus as there are savings to be made and the outcome, time and distance travelled is often little changed.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Does It Have Deck Chairs and a Brass Band?

China has launched what it calls a 'hack proof' satellite. 

My oh my, if that's not an open invitation to the world's best hackers, I don't know what is.


China has launched the world's first quantum satellite, which will help it establish "hack-proof" communications between space and the ground, Chinese state media says......

......The Quantum Experiments at Space Scale, or QUESS, satellite, was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in the remote northwestern province of Gansu in the early hours of Tuesday, the official Xinhua news agency said.
"In its two-year mission, QUESS is designed to establish 'hack-proof' quantum communications by transmitting uncrackable keys from space to the ground," it said.
"Quantum communication boasts ultra-high security as a quantum photon can neither be separated nor duplicated," it added. "It is hence impossible to wiretap, intercept or crack the information transmitted through it."


Evidence in support suggests Little  Andrew having more positions than the Karma Sutra.

Exhibiting a very strong remnant Unionist Position he continues to berate ex NZLP member Nick Leggett and his election team as right wing saboteurs when the fact is Leggett, a long time member of AA's vehicle on its way to a train smash, only resigned because under the party rules he had to when he chose to stand against muppet/puppet Justin Lester for Wellington Mayoralty, who was  already endorsed as the LP's candidate. Throwing Stuart Nash and other equally long time members under the bus as well.

On student Debt he adopted a position of forgiving what many who live in the real world see as a rather minimalistic allotting of a share of the costs of tertiary education, if said borrower joins a union and works in the hinterland of say Waikato.

On Cannabis reform a wooly woofter position,  again made up while riding in his LoO Crown Car to the Student radio studio, on having a referendum. Didn't even try to differentiate between medicinal, cultivated, gifted  or just in transit in some moron's  pocket.

Watch out "Angry One" some of those positions, just as in the other book, can be challenging and have a potential to cause serious physical harm to either the attemptee, attemptor or in worst case scenario, both.

Can I suggest you just keep up the great work as around 90% of voters think it is working out well and support you 10%, up from 7. A position that came along in an odd coincidence while the Parliament was in recess and the Little one was very quiet publicity wise.


Mark Ellis, no not that one, a 51 yo Trucky finds love after texting Donna on a number scrawled on his local pub toilet wall.

Apparently Donna's ex had posted on his equivalent to face book;
"For a good shag phone Donna on ---------."

Two children and some years later, Donna is avoiding the quaint truth as she claims to her seven and nine year olds, she  met their Dad due to a text to  a wrong number.

Probably thinks denial is a river in Egypt to boot.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Wogs Will Be Wogs

It seems Labour in NZ is not the only outfit blessed with Indians possessing a special skill in recruiting party members or creating people who will 'vote the right way.'

The Victorian State Labor Party has enjoyed an unusual boost in party membership over an extremely short time.  Hundreds of new members signing up over one week-end when, for twenty years, they might have been lucky to get two new members per month.

A new Labor branch-stacking scandal has erupted in Bill Short­en’s home state, with a flood of up to 1400 prospective ALP members in Julia Gillard’s former seat of Lalor and applications frozen in other suburban electorates.
The freeze on the memberships — many of them from members of Melbourne’s large Indian community — comes just months after the party expelled hundreds of bogus members in the biggest purge in its history.
One source said “this is recruit­ment on a scale that we have not seen in 20 years”, with 400 applications submitted in just one weekend in the federal seat of Holt in Melbourne’s southeast.

The moral of the story must be:- If you're going to commit online fraud, it's a good idea to use someone else's computer.


The world has widely embraced "Privacy" as a treasured notion that has very little fact based foundation.

Used by countless crats  and others paid by taxpayers to decline  access to matters that all too often need to be revealed for eminently reasonable practicable needs.

How many of us have come up against the 'crepe bandage wall' that health workers erect around a patient that may have some residual basis in the privacy of a person  who has not given any consent for such a barrier to be erected. It has been assumed under the we know best meme

I have a dear friend who is in a  battle with consumptive illness who still lives alone here in paradise, lets call him Mate.
Now Mate has a small group of "last of the summer wine" characters who on almost every Monday head up to Mate's house for a happy hour  and we stay for an appropriate time depending on how Mate is feeling and coping with the sometimes ravaging procedures that ensue from treatment.
Mate has no immediate family within nearly a hundred clicks and although they are  an incredible bunch they respect Mate's clear desire to maintain his fierce independence that happens, due in large part from the modern caring public health system supplementing his wonderful efforts in maintaining an impressive level of personal responsibility.

As a community there is incredible support for Mate with food and services being delivered often in spite of any wish on Mates part to be accepting  of such care. Firewood for his Log fire seems to appear at the back door often with the perpetrator being entirely anonymous, likewise a pot of soup a hot pot of stew, all from a love of the man and respect for his place in the village as an elder.

The most likely LoSW to be an unofficial next of kin in situ, we shall call him Mr B has gone off for an annual trip to warmer climes  as has been his wont for over two decades,  so when Mate ended up in respite care after yet another round of what medical science has on offer it was only natural that one of the slightly more youthful of the LoSW , we shall call him 'Cleggy' took it upon himself to inquire as  to Mate's next moves with an offer to provide transport.
Well of course the staff at Pompallier House, bound as  they are by the petty and pathetic interpretation of the well worn blanket of stupid, asked if  'Cleggy" was a close friend in the best guarded traditions that have evolved. The reply was only if 35 years of continual and very close mateship was enough qualification then yes. No evidence required, he could have been a blimmin undertaker just keeping in touch

Now hopefully Mate will rally and along with Mr B, Cleggy and the other good bastards can enjoy many more happy hours unencumbered by a law that seems unlimited in it's various and too often inane application.

Of course as many completely understand, while Privacy is the mantra it has been spectacularly compromised by Google and the other many component parts of the digital revolution.
There was a stunned silence a couple of years ago when a bunch equally qualified to be a sub branch of the LoSW meme  being as fiercely independent as Mate, when I gathered up their recent locations from just putting their cell phone numbers into a google app and could reveal their almost every movement in the last week.
That salient fact is only a minor sector of the information that is collected and authorised by the cursory application that circumvents much privacy when "agree" or "allow" is ticked off to allow access to the next great add-on to modern life.
During the furore that has erupted in the West Isle during the disaster that was IBM's super multimillion deal to count all the Aussies on a particular night, one wag asked, quite correctly in the minds of many, "why did they not just ask Google".


In the beginning there was an olive  wreath for the victor no medals and no women allowed to watch.

With the modern Olympics came three placings with gold for the winner silver for the first loser and bronze for the second loser.
Only around fourteen nations, 250 competitors competed in 43 events in  du Coubertin's  games Athens 1896 and the three places between the handful competing was clearly regarded as appropriate
Today with so many events ending in finals where four compete for three opportunities on the "podium" is it time to have a fourth place say, pewter as it is very largely Tin as opposed to the more noble and historically significant other alloy, Bronze to complement the more substantial Gold and Silver.

Then there could be a Lead medal for the Chemists, either in traditional disc shape or a more appropriate cylindrical shape with a pointy leading end and definitely no ribbon.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Yes freedom of speech and expression is very dear to me as a fundamental building block of civilised democratic free society.

There are more than sufficient safeguards in libel, slander, offensive behaviour, nuisance, fraud, misleading behaviour, refusing to cooperate with police and officialdom laws already that can be used to shut down debate,  already available.

Debate is ongoing in The West Island over Section 18c that is a massive suffocating device that can render holding a different opinion a serious criminal offense as columnist, blogger, wireless host and now current Sky News contributor at 1900 EST Australia, Andrew Bolt  discovered  when he was dragged before the courts for holding an opinion and voicing it.
 Sheesh a cursory visit to either of the two left wing NZ  blogs, The Standard and Martin Matyn's rubbish tips  soon reveals items that cause offense and that includes the posts by the authors.

OK I concede that standing in a crowded Theatre and yelling "Fire" or in these times "bomb" could never be sanctioned as Free Speech, however merely saying something passionately held as a belief being subject to draconian suppression laws, now that is beyond scary.

Total fairy tales to todays voters but I well remember when aspiring politicians held street corner meetings where they faced often hostile locals who certainly often held polar opposite views and were often better than the tyro polly in making a contrary argument.

Offensive behaviour because of race, colour or national or ethnic origin
(1) It is unlawful for a person to do an act, otherwise than in private, if:
(a) the act is reasonably likely, in all the circumstances, to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or a group of people; and
(b) the act is done because of the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of the other person or of some or all of the people in the group.
(2) For the purposes of subsection (1), an act is taken not to be done in private if it:
(a) causes words, sounds, images or writing to be communicated to the public; or
(b) is done in a public place; or
(c) is done in the sight or hearing of people who are in a public place.
(3) In this section: “public place” includes any place to which the public have access as of right or by invitation, whether express or implied and whether or not a charge is made for admission to the place.

That is part of the racial discrimination laws over the ditch and in the lead up to his election as Federal PM Abbott was going to repeal what has taken The Lucky Country from around 10th to below 20th in press freedom stakes but then allowed  A G Brandis, to abdicate that position.

Recently  The Australian News paper cartoonist Bill Leak became embroiled in serious if somewhat over the top criticism for stating the bleeding obvious as to where the primary responsibility lay over Youth detention in the Northern Territory.  Suddenly the truth became too hot for the luvvies and calls for a public hanging or at least the stocks reverberated across Australia.

Socialist regimes, Islamists, and far too many single issue missionaries whose too often dodgy beliefs and publicity need a blowtorch of investigation to be applied to an endless barrage of garbage masquerading as fact. It is all too easy for an embarrassed or just plain megalomaniac operator to attempt to hide behind obfuscation, delay or even as in Todd McLay's recent machinations over a threatened disruption of trade with the Chicoms just plain simple old denial of service under some nefarious pseudo legal claim of "national interest".

There is not much better, inexpensive or effective as a disinfectant than sunlight, but it is just too easy for those who would rule over us or wish to take ultimate power away from the peasants  to use legal if totally immoral process to avoid being revealed as having lead shoes and invisible raiment.

Before I had an awareness of what exactly threatened our increasingly dwindling numbers of free nations from the combined might of Germany and Japan and a much more flakey Italy, who embarked on a world domination escapade that slaughtered many millions of citizens, where   imagery and propaganda were significant weapons.
One famous Goebbels adage was along the lines of tell a lie big enough, often enough and it becomes the truth. Churchill plagiarised Twain with; A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.
Then there is, "The first casualty of war is the truth" That came from some Greek Blogger some 500 years before Mary had her little boy child.
So it takes very little effort to understand why those who would dominate us as opposed to rule us with consent are so enamoured of retaining an ability to lie to us and legislatively prevent any contrary viewpoint.

A little scrub fire has erupted with some little rustic museum displaying as part of an RSA display, a German Wehrmacht flag captured by a New Zealand soldier during the Battle of Crete that became the end of the Nazi Advance down through the Balkans even though the "Div" was forced to withdraw to Egypt leaving many dead and captured behind.
That piece of  souvenir cloth is a part of another of New Zealand's Battles in  history and a lifetime and seven decades later is only that..  It has very little danger as a symbol of a defeated and totally discredited if somewhat formidable armed force under the command  an even more discredited political movement that ran for over a decade of truly awful suffering death and murdering that must never be forgotten, only lessons to be learned from.

Context people it is a small part of a much bigger scene and unless the MSM make it something else or some deranged retard attempts a moment of footnote by enveloping themselves in it. let it go, it does have some relevance as I would bet  a weeks Pension (swmbo's of course) that soldier got some serious satisfaction for his act.

A little bit of freedom is just as impossible as the lass in the headline above, it either exists or it don't.


As an early riser even when such an act of insanity can make certifiable eminently likely, on Sunday mornings I find I am listening to omnibus collections of Mike Hosking, Leighton Smith et al.

This week with Chris Lynch filling Smiths slot, Newstalk replayed a call from the week passed from the female partner of a south Auckland Cop with a supervisory role as a "Team leader", taking issue with Lynch's click bait rants on Police response to Burglary and other lower level crime.
What a great rebuttal she gave.
As with any activity whether it be crime, law, medicine, ambulance, fire, or even the dog catcher, to have sufficient resource to prevent any incident becoming a problem with response times would require a latent capability that would be in total defiance of what might make even the most ardent "spender of other peoples money",  blanch or at least pause for a moment.

Burglary is too often just an insurance scam or  discovered too late for any reasonable forensic to remain and as the lady pointed out the Burgs are better at denying any residual evidence or are committed by that protected species too young to face any meaningful repercussions. Matters well outside the police role but things that must impact on morale and motivation

Her closing of the call included a philosophy statement that is affixed to their fridge and I hope I can get a copy of it, pure gold as an explanation for the jungle dwellers who want "their problem" addressed now,  not later.
Then in response to a prompt from Lynch she gave another terrific philosophical rejoinder on her feelings about the all too often ghastly possibility that her man may not come home safe.

Thankyou to all police frontline staff who day in day out do a job very few would ever consider.

One Liner of the Week

From Stacy Kirk at Stuff:-

"Labour entered the week with a podium position on a platter, but Little dropped more poles than New Zealand’s equestrian team."


The solution is right there with you Ms Restauranteur.

Who gives a second thought to giving Credit Card details  to a vehicle hire, hotel/motel reception or even in some hire purchase contracts.

Why would honest people have a problem with any business in line for drive off fraud taking the CC before service.
Cripes people even Maccas don't let the drive through proceed until payment allows access  to pickup window

Then if there is a payment problem it is provable fraud and the Police will have a paper trail to solve it, not spending hours trying to locate felons who may be in another country by the time a complaint reaches an investigation phase.

Friday, August 12, 2016


I am reliably informed that the opening ceremony for this years chemist of the year extravaganza in the Brazil coastal  city of Rio d Janero, there was considerable hypocritical and farcical alluding to saving the planet.

What a crock, Brazil is a gold medal contender for  planet wrecking  with China, India and Indonesia also seeking "a podium finish". Also in the field will be a bunch of African Nations who are very strong in deforestation, species exploitation, corruption   and exhaustive agricultural practise that leaves New Zealand in the enviable situation of not even qualifying.

Well atheism and agnosticism might also be under threat as some higher being clearly un-hinged about such truth manipulation, with an inexplicable Algae attack on first the Diving pool and then the Water Polo area of the unroofed water sport complex.

With their elected President under suspension for being very naughty and so far failing to make headway in using the "everybody has done that" defence, the coastal waters for rowing and yachting increasingly presenting as the waters edge of the "Tip" (a yacht is said to have collided with a partially submerged Couch) with serious health risk from any contact with that water, our first medal winner being given a big fright when her cab driver tried a shakedown, it is turning out as the shambles that going to a third world sh#thole always threatened.

Never mind it is all a great fit with the gross fraud and misleading propaganda that we are delivered of daily from our very own Melons. and they write their own scripts, eh Clint.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, August 11, 2016


1958 Corsair Daten.jpg

Released for 1958  as the flagship model named after Henry Ford's Son, this car is widely acknowledged as possibly the greatest "lemon" ever in the annals of the Auto Industry.
Apart from Trabant, Lada, Zil born out of communist failing in commercial decision making and of course New Zealand's very own Trekka.

It cost Ford millions as they scrambled to overcome the "Edsel" disaster.

Ever since, the word Edsel is synonymous with any attempt to enter a market without understanding just what a disaster could follow. So now such launches are preceded by a multitude of survey type exercises, and consumer research to ensure the next Edsel will never get so far down the track.

Of course all that commercial wisdom is never a part of Political movements and their marketing function in the twenty first century.

Hence the world looks on in wonder and bewilderment as Corbyn, Trump, Merkell, Bulesconi, Sarkosy, Chavez and Billary et al  are released on an increasingly vulnerable public to wreak varying degrees of insane costs of mismanagement, most that could have been avoided had dopey fellow travelers  exercised a modicum of sanity in assessing the merits of one of their own seeking to be head honcho.
The old adage that anyone wanting to be leader should be automatically disqualified.

Malcolm Turnbull, designed and built around the time of the Edsel, is just one more flawed individual who promised much but ended up unmarketable and another failure to add to the list of "Lemons".

As stated previously on this Blog, he is a disaster still searching for where he will finally go over the cliff of failure into the waters of an increasingly turbulent population that deserves better.

Forget his running on the spot waiting for a miracle that will never come that has been his administration since he climbed over Tony Abbott last year, claiming he would communicate better, create a financial climate that would drive The Lucky Country out of it's death spiral and create a relationship to overcome a dysfunctional senate that was a serious roadblock for Abbott and Hockey.
Because it ain't happened yet and a colossal cock up that was the quadrennial census alluded to by Adolf just continues the dive into another "Edsel" as only the latest but by no means the last act of ineptitude.

The self made man who overcame much in his childhood that could have derailed many, photogenic with an apparently endless supply of ego, he continues to burn his support base while making no headway.

Never mind, there is much coming out of Rio to divert attention from the reality for The Not So Lucky Country. What will remain when the scales are removed from the eyes is still to be discovered  but as Retiring Australian Federal Reserve Bank Governor, Glen Stevens suggested yesterday it is getting decidedly darker and any possible GDP growth wont save them from the burgeoning deficits that threaten the international credit ratings.

Some sacred cows that are being treated as the Hindus regard such animals in India, will have to be killed or at least given a very close shave. There seems to be not one single politician with any desire to confront any of the ever expanding federal spend.

I Want Some of Those Alcoholic Vegetables

A wonderful clanger in today's non-edited Herald.

'The price of non-alcoholic vegetables fell 0.7 per cent.'

Yes, that's the most amazing fact revealed in an otherwise dreary bad news for Labour story.

How long ago did Labour declare food costs to be a crisis needing the removal of GST?

'Food prices drop on plunging dairy'
Not the headline they wanted, I'm afraid.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Fresh from a horror rocky show where Little Andy called a significant bunch of his dwindling foot soldiers  right wing, today he toddled down to Vic and introduced on the student radio a bribe that makes everything that went before fade into insignificance.

Student debt incurred when study is undertaken and the taxpayers pick up most of the cost is in the billions somewhere around fifteen Billion recently quoted, that is the supposedly recoverable bit not the spend that is already incurred on behalf of hard working drones many who never went near the local school for bone carving, language creation, rewriting history, welfare manipulation, and expanding the grievance industry, all projects without end that rack up the spend of Taxpayer funds every day.

There are many rorts that can delay and even avoid ever repaying the money advanced by the state, now in a blatant bribery and corruption announcement on student radio an elected Labour /Green  swill seeking state beneficiaries will forgo the debt owed if the student goes to work in the provinces for a state union controlled bureaucracy.

New industry for co-bludgers, Adviser in receiving  back money owed to taxpayers; AIRBMOTT.

Obviously thought up on his way to the radio date in the limo and so wrong on so many fronts.

A big slap in the face for the thousands who regarded the extremely generous and largely free loan scheme if the borrower plays the game as binding who paid their loans back.

A big slap in the face of every entrepreneur who borrows from a bank to enter a business with no part in the loan rort and signs their life away to the bank as security.

An even bigger slap in the face for all the industrious hard working scrabbling workers who used to vote tribal labour.

A shameless bribe that will be extremely attractive in extinguishing a debt in exchange for a meaningless commitment to work in a union fund contributing public service created job with the added bonus of getting normally too stupid to vote Generation Me to actually vote.
And where will these Provinces be designated, Mangere, Henderson, the Hutt Valley?

Yeah I know it is not yet policy but does any taxpayer really think it wont become the next great political bribe that muggins taxpayer will be forced to fund.


Amongst the rich veins to be mined today at Question time where Material Girl got all tongue tied in her pathetic attempt to incorporate  stone-age language, some made up recently, and then the usual slapping for a hapless NZLP temporary head honcho, came at the primary question from one Stuart Nash in question twelve.
Hon Judith Collins opened her answer with;
"In answer to my fellow right winger"