Friday, October 28, 2016


The news that various assorted peace group activists, so called, are gearing themselves up to protest the visit of the USS Sampson, a DG51 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer, coming as part of the commemorations acknowledging 75 years since the establishment of the Royal New Zealand Navy, is as predictable as it is sad. 

No matter that the ship visit does not compromise our anti-nuclear legislation.   No matter that the protocols regarding the visit have been signed off or are in the process of being signed off for naval vessels from three other nuclear powers (India/China/France) to participate in the commemorations.   No, these rag-tag protestors will single out the USS Sampson as being about as welcome in New Zealand as a pork chop in a Synagogue.    They will give vent to their anti-American hate and rhetoric as they have done for the past half century.    Nothing changes for them ... they, along with ISIL/ISIS, view America as the 'Great Satan'.   Spot the connection.

The latest advice I have is that no Royal Navy ship is coming.   If that is confirmed it is disappointing.   The RNZN grew out of the New Zealand Division of the Royal Navy.    While clearly the RN is stretched I would have thought they might have pulled out all stops in order to attend.    The fleet review in Auckland should be spectacular ... possibly the largest gathering of warships post WW2.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Clowning Craze Hits Australia

Meet Maclom the Beclowned.

The front page of Rockhampton newspaper, the Morning Bulletin.


If you go by the RCP polls the US Presidential election is all over bar the shouting.   They show Clinton leading in all but one poll with a margin of between one and fourteen points.   The one poll to go against the trend is the LA Times/USC Tracking Poll which has it for Trump at plus one.

My one word of caution.   I have to wonder if the huge barrage of negative publicity about Trump has resulted in Trump supporters being reluctant to declare themselves as such leading to an under-reporting of his actual strength ... that in the privacy of the ballot booth people will vote from their anti-Washington establishment heart rather than their head.   A long shot but a shot nevertheless.   

The website to monitor now and on election day ... hat-tip to the US Ambassador for that.



First encountered yesterday in The Press, a survey on ten dollar meal options, a feature that resonates here in paradise with their preoccupation with harvesting tourist dollars  making eating out more expensive than desirable, is this morning expanded to cover other main centers.

Not on the Press list was a newish Thai eatery on the acute corner where Strickland St joins Columbo St in Beckenham, discovered some weeks ago.
Situated in a now closed Helyers Pie shop  (strange coincidence huh) this very nice fully licenced  eatery with an extensive Thai menu feeds us on Fridays for ten bucks a head on a regular basis. No Gold card involved either.

There are still many places offering good food for ten dollars a head.
Mind you with little searching I can find a Pie and a Pint at well in excess of twenty bucks a head  and it can disappoint to boot.


Stuff reports that a young man,  Julian Lee, lived on pies and pints with supplements for a month and lost 8 kilograms, wow that is one and a half stone.
We indulged in a Pea Pie Pud with lashings of gravey yesterday for lunch and the guilt was at times palpable.

Lee did admit he was not as mentally sharp on the mono food diet but still considered pies as desirable food

His calorie intake from the truely orrible diet that would have given the food nazis coniptions was estimated at 1500 a day while he needed around 2500 to maintain his bodyweight on a 1.68m  frame.

Is  that good supporting evidence for the totally false mass attack on convenience food to be consignedd to the garbage bin or what.

Oh and afaik there was no bloody taxpayer trough dollars involved.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nothing to see here: They're Nats!

Here's two stories/issues you won't see on Kiwiblog.

Millions of dollars of Steven Joyce's Corporate welfare flushed down the bog.  That's very bad news for Dean Lonergan.

And, seven of the top 10 spenders on air travel for ex MPs came from the Nats.

But it could be worse, folks.  It could be Labour doing it!


Case proved beyond any doubt.

Then again everyone knew that, didn't they?

The totally discredited and corrupt United Nations not only reappoint the Saudi government to the International Human Rights Committee for a forth term, their Geneva representative  is now in the chair of a powerful and very influential HRC committee.

The Nation that is a shoo in for a podium finish if not the Gold Medal as the perpetrator of human rights abuse having  declined a lengthylist of investigative visits  from the world body. A body  that sees New Zealand's choice of name for the revamped CYFS as a problem yet appoints a Government that continues to chop headsoff on a weekly display of depravity unchallenged,  should have its membership investigated not be appointed  to any position of such hypocritical  magnitude.

The UN is well past its use by date, toxic is not strong ehough.


Audrey Young and beautiful Sue 'Smacking' Bradford's dopey daughter leading the charge with a "General Not Quite" as expert witness have tried to suggest It is embarrassing for John Key that a troop carrying freighter, Boeing built, purchased used,  from a Budget Airline was grounded in Townsville. That left the Prime minister led delegation to India stranded while alternatives were sought.
Young was of the opinion that Key should have been angry, what that would have achieved is a big fat ZERO.

The only embarassing bit for me was the entitlitus inspired whine that continued after the engines were shut down.

The remnant entity that was the once very proud and respected Royal New Zealand Airforce now a gutted skeletonised bunch of chopper pilots and a few others flying around in old largely superceded cargo planes have two ex passenger jets to move troops and light equipment from our lonely fixed  carrier deep in the South Pacific  where they manage to impress those intellectually equiped to understand such matters,  perform astoundingly well.

Last time we endured a bunch of whiners complaining that a shoe string Airforce was in their over egged egotistical worthless opinion, inadequate,  was a .recent junket to Fiji where "it does not matter what we do Frank is still in command" and someone who clearly had a wish to be given "penthouse" was forced to do what most New Zealanders do when on holiday, pee in a bucket.
Why a talented operator such as Key puts up with the third rate coverage the MSM deliver I have absolutely no idea.
When Savage led the first Labour Government to power as the great depression was preparing to meet the challenge of a resurgent Germany, his socialist colleagues believed that the than largely unsupportive mainly print media needed to be circumvented to get their messaage out.
The solution was to create a radio network where their people could control the message and it was highly sussessful.
So why Key perpetrates the fifth collumnists ability to spend their entire output in opposing the success that in almost all measurable indicees is apparent but burried under a landslide of negativity, is a total mystery.
Purchase or lease a lear jet type plane to carry the people he needs and leave the idiots masquerading as reporters to find their own resourced access to what ever they choose to create, then flood the media inboxes with an avalanche of government generated press releases and starve the morons of what they seek and leave them the  minutiae they just love to wallow in.

A fleet of two planes found them selves forced to remain in Townsville and that is no surprise, shit happens.
My "fleet" of  two well maintained vehicles and a VW Beetle are reduced to one functioning at present but then I am not trying to get to the Sub Continent with a bunch of free loading attention seeking dribblers from both sides of their mouths, whining about how unfair it all is.

Monday, October 24, 2016


Kiwiblog gives oxygen to an alleged serious misuse of police powers.

A recent afternoon meeting of supporters of voluntary euthanasia  ended and departing attendees were stopped at an apparent police 'alcohol'  checkpoint.
Before being screened or tested the mainly elderly females were asked to provide their names and produce their licence.
Up to that point the clearly misguided and power drunk officer who is responsible might have got away with the little gross misuse of police power action.
However in following days at least ten of those attending the meeting were  interviewed in  a followup visit from police.

The person directly responsible for that grossly offensive and unlawful action should be sanctioned and fired, no ifs, buts, maybes,  or any whitewash.

I am a fervent and supportive admirer of the NZ Police in their task of doing what most would never venture to do, in fact I have done unsworn work for them as a public duty ( jeez one would not do it for the money)  but this is a leap, not a step too far.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


In my book respect needs to be earned and not demanded.
Michael Cheika clearly believes that his rather ordinary bunch deserve respect based on the great players of previous years while his bunch of nigglers led by sniveller pedestrian Steven Moore it's not an option, sorry Michael respect is difficult to store and your storage is causing spoilage and rot.

For a Nation that has another code's captain caught on audio threatening to break the arm of an opponent causing grief, to suggest  NZ Rugby lacks respect for The Wallabies is laughable.
Yes the descendents of convicts losing need to have their egoes massaged but the only aspect of their game that has been raised this season is niggle and off the ball rubbish.
I am certain Savea would not have run Speight down any more than a prop forward moving forward many yards away from where an up and under kick will land is an automatic penalty, it is the rules, clearly two dads Dane changed his line to ensure Savea did not achieve the impossible, by then Speight was gone..
Now how about the head butt from Hooper on Retallick followed by a petulant facial off the ball, not exactly going to raise any hopes for a rise in respect Michael.

I normally rarely consider the all too often ordinary attempts by Emmerson to be remotely humorous, inane yes, but he clearly scored a direct hit on Cheika with his clowns are coming effort so for that he can have a 'C'.
Then there was the 'caterpillar wth McCaw's head imposed that was such a hoot in the Daily Telegraph with the header 'only grub McCaw stands in the way of the Wallabies', some years ago, only served to raise the intent of the ABs.
It's the media stupid.
As if any offering in our little rag tabloid is anyway an opinion  of NZ Rugby, hell one only needs to observe how any imperfection that can be tenuously tied to our national game is handled.

Funny olde worlde notion Mr Cheika but your understanding and mine do not align on respect.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Folks ... limited blogging for a time ... of great relief to many I'm sure.   Short story, had a major incident with an escalator in Auckland and came off a clear second best.  Casevaced to the Auckland Hospital where a CAT scan revealed some bleeding on the brain ... apart from that no real injuries; sutures in the head, a gash on the arms and left leg, a fair amount of bruising and an interesting set of imprints on my shoulder made coming in contact with the escalator treads as I cartwheeled my way back down ... one unkind observer said it was a gold medal performance. Also a badly damaged ego and and suit to match. 

NO, I had not been drinking, back foot slipped.

The head warder in the neurosurgical ward has agreed that I should be released with time off for good behavior so I'm heading back to Paihia.

Going to go light on blogging for the next few days.

Great kudos to the Auckland hospital.   Their professionalism was unquestioned.  Their care and attention was superb.   I didn't want for anything.   It was a five star facility with five star service.

Not To Be Outdone

Australia's ABC programme of late has made a specialty of serving up manufactured and false horror stories based on footage shot anything up to four years ago.  (Turnbull was dumb enough to fall for it, in one instance.)

Not to be out done, New Zealand's oleaginous ratbag tabloid continues to feature political analysis written fourteen months ago.  Of course, the fact that these pieces seem to boost Winston Peters and denigrate the National Party is entirely coincidental.

Note the aging headline for an aging charlatan.

Winston becoming NZ's Churchill

Friday, October 21, 2016

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The News - In Black And White

Three Aboriginals died in Walgett after drinking moonshine whisky containing high levels of methanol. (Only one of six news reports mentioned the dead were Aboriginals.)

Walgett?  I hear you ask.  Where the hell is Walgett?  Not very far from Bourke where you don't want to at the back of.

Who lives at Wallgett?   Not many white fellas.

It is ironic that Australian children who live in cities and have never been anywhere near an outback settlement are being taught all about aboriginal culture by teachers who have never been off a bitumen road.  Of course the prevalent culture of alcohol abuse, child abuse and woman abuse is rarely mentioned.

Little, if anything, is taught about the country's history of the last one hundred years.  How do I know?  Every day I meet youngsters from age ten to eighteen and I ask them.  A typical response is "We have lots of aboriginal studies and there's no time for anything else."

In the suburb of Elizabeth there can be found streets named Midway, Yorktown, Halsey, Blamey, Spruance, Fletcher, Kincaid, Enterprise, Saratoga, Nimitz and Hornet.

None of the kids I talk to have the faintest idea of who or what these names represent or of why they are there.

Sad, isn't it?   Their heads are crammed full of aboriginal studies.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I  shall attempt to assist.

Mr Barry I have just heard your possible ignorance based but I suspect deliberate ongoing inane rubbish attitude to the reality that is Fiji 2016.

You might like to just listen to yourself and the boring one dimensional lispings of  Bwabwa Dwever and then try to work out whether a one man one vote democwacy that Fwank has established  to repwace the crooked corrupt, chief based Methodist enabled government that denied the many decades old Indian ethnic voters decisions with armed force.

After independence, after over one and a half decades of Mara, Timothy Bavandra led a coalition based on Indian descendants from the colonial sugar industry and trade union strength to successfully challenge the ethnic power brokers enjoying Methodist church support and won power.
That did not please many of the ethnics who enjoyed a life under Palm trees while the entrepreneurial inspired Indians made the economy function, and a fuzzy from the army  Sitivini Rambuka staged a bloodless coup.
What followed was decades of rubbish politics as many who should have known better tried to maintain governments whose power came from the by now racial minority Melanesians.
NZ  and Australia even sent Maori God botherer and ex head of NZ Anglicans, subsequently NZ Governor General, Sir Paul Reeves in a Gilbert and Sullivan like e facile attempt to maintain racial supremacy for the minority palm tree shade layabouts.

Then Mr Choudrey upset things with another Indian party electoral victory only for another entitled moron George Speight to try to intervene, this time people died and another crook (convicted and jailed) Quarase was installed.

Military Supremo Commodore Frank Bianirama   Said enough and in spite of the best efforts of the
Ignorant has established one person one vote democracy that will always be operating in the shadow of a coup instigated by the laughably "disenfranchised" racist Chiefs.

Through all this tragedy many biased media and stupid paternalistic non Fijian polliticians have failed miserably to stop Frank, and now Bazza is whining that while the Fiji PM is here to see the rugby test on Saturday he won't " feed the moronic trolls".
Just let it go Mr Barry there are many more challenging problems in the Pacific Nations that need sorting, Fiji is doing better than most and you and your manipulative fellow "F" lister media hacks need to fix some fences.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Just For David

This will make his day.

To say the least, the American presidential electoral system is byzantine.  Apparently the latest polls show a new threat to Crooked Hillary and her gangsters' ride to presidential glory.

An outsider is coming through thee pack as they enter the final straight.

Independent Evan McMullin, a Mormon, looks to have a good shot at wining Utah.  If he succeeds he will take forty (I think) college votes away from Trump and crooked Hillary.  Should this happen and should neither Crooked Hillary nor Trump gain 270 electoral college votes from the remaining states, then the House of Representatives will decide who will be President.  You caan bet it won't be Clinton.

Yes, of course it's a long shot but it is fun to speculate.  So obsessed have the Clinonista media been with denigrating Trump that they won't have time to dig any dirt on McMullin.

Where Did They Get The Money For That?

The grey merc, that is.

People have been gathering at the scene.

A mob of fat Maoris dropped of a stabbing victim at the Whangarei Ambulance Centre and then hung around hugging each other after he died.  Apparently their transport was a Mercedes Benz sedan.  The only way you make enough money Up North to afford one of those is to sell drugs. (or you could be a pervert school principal)

So one wonders:--

How far did they travel to dump their still breathing corpse?  (My guess would be from somewhere between Matawaia, Motatau and Pipiwai.  They still eat white men up there.)

Have they all been arrested as accessories to murder?

Are we going to see another episode such as that in  the Manawatu where PC police failed to carry out their duty in the face of pressure to be 'culturally sensitive'?

Would a term in prison help these people lose weight?

Monday, October 17, 2016


Eric Crampton is a jewel.
Yesterday In "Offsetting Behavior" Crampton exposes something that Mr Key said he would sort out but has dismally failed to deliver.

An old biddy in Ekatahuna milks four cows and makes cheese, so what.

Here's what, from her little cottage activity that generates over 40k in income, poor old Biddy Frazer Davis has to spend around HALF in testing fees to the bloody gummint.

Now under simple "buyer beware" that has been and afaik is still an operating bit of our laws, that is preposterous. Can I assume that Biddy's four cows are unlikely to be risking economic disaster for The Nation in an overseas market as say Fonterra's dirty pipes threatened.

Is that politically correct crap being applied to all the produce that finds its market in the plethora of Farmers Markets that are operating in almost every hamlet across this country or is it OK to buy and eat an "organic" apple that has half a struggling worm in the next bite having the other half almost certainly ingested.

Mr Key with his increasingly arrogant bunch of closed minds who have ceased listening to Joe and Josephine cannot rely on an increasingly inept opposition to keep control of the treasury.
Find the Hi-vis clad, cellphone carrying, clipboard operator who is perpetrating this appalling rubbish and place him/her in stocks in the short main street of "Eke" along with an ample supply of discard fruit from a coolstore and watch true hard working New Zealand take their pleasure.

Gone To The Dogs

Australians have handed in their testicles to the PC brigade.

Yesterday brought the news that Australia's appalling Human Rights Commission is to prosecute cartoonist Bill Leake for telling the truth about conditions in outback Aboriginal settlements.  Apparently, the cartoon is deemed to be racist by the leftist wankeratti who control the HRC.  Of course it is extremely unlikely any of these fools ever have lived in the outback but, sadly for Australia and its Aboriginal people, the truth does not suit the narrative approved by these central city dwelling do gooders.

Notice this shows a BLACK policeman berating a drunken BLACK about his delinquent BLACK son.

The problem here is ten times worse than anything in NZ and because of the hysteria promoted by the left, authorities are scared to act when they should, resulting in children who should have been removed from their disgraceful parents being bashed and killed.

The controversial Bill Leak cartoon.The controversial Bill Leak cartoon.The controversial Bill Leak cartoon.The controversial Bill Leak cartoon.The controversial Bill Leak cartoon.The controversial Bill Leak cartoon.The controversial Bill Leak cartoon.
The controversial Bill Leak cartoon.
The controversial Bill Leak cartoon.


Those political realists who are convinced the current MSM are a trade union directed arm of the MOU coalition need no further evidence, there is no doubt.

Kiwiblog posts on a snout elected last Saturday to the Wainui ward of Hutt City Council as "an independent", is now announced as a candidate in a field of three to find a successor for "the Pugilist" AKA Trevor Mallard.
Hot on the long list of serial tribal labour figures who inexplicably and unchallenged, discard all their decades of intense involvement in upper eschelons of the ever dwindling cadre of the now century old NZLP,  plus the never explained Pony Express style role of Parliamentary Services employed Press Secretaries departing Labour, in particularly the office of the current disaster director A A Little, just a "sounds of silence".

To become a viable candidate for such a tenure as a press secretary, a serious career needs to be made in the swamp that is currently referred to as "The Media", it is not for graduates of the socialists employment agencies curiously titled "Journalism schools".
Should four employees in three months become victim to sudden departure from the National Party's leaders office, could it be expected not to have the NZLP and it's media arm dominating headlines about "What the hell is going on" , while an embedded Union hack masquerading as a potential prime minister seems immune to any investigation.

Having endured the scandal of unchallenged scrutiny of the tag team ex Labour MPs and other embedded hacks running as " independents" in the just held local body elections where name recognition looms so significant as a positive foe success, Justin Lester in Wellywood a notable exception,  it is clear to many that media bias to socialists is a slam dunk guilty as charged.

Imagine the conundrum the MSMwould face should the race to be POTUS had come down to Clinton vs Sanders, oh hang on no probs, Bernie was a declared socialist wasn't he.


up her in the beautiful BoI.   In the bush that surrounds Mon Repose the rosellas have come back aplenty; there are two huge wood pigeons that have made their home in a tree that looks down on our balcony (don't tell Sonny Tau that); the kiwis are back 'snuffling' while the possums continue to try and evade the traps installed per courtesy of Bay Bush Action.

A few brave souls are starting to hit the water; the restaurants are jam packed (we were at Alfresco's last night, beautiful meal, the New York cheesecake was a standout); two new businesses about to open in our version of main street (Subway and an ice-cream outlet - although why we need three of them within 10m of each other has me beat);  there are very few properties for sale and rentals are just about impossible to find ... problem for Paihia is that there is no more land, we're surrounded by either by DOC forest estate (very hilly) or sea ... 4k inland on the road to Keri2 there is the Watea Waters development with new homes going up weekly ... many snapped up by refugees from Auckland.

In short, Paihia is booming.   Great place to be.   Problem for me is that for the next two weeks I'm OOT 'working', bugga.   Will just about manage to squeeze in a game of golf at Waitangi b4 I go. Next post (maybe) from Rydges Hotel in Auckland.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


There has been speculation around the possibility that Hillary Clinton may have Parkinsons.

So bloody what.

Sir John Walker has been an admitted Parkinsons patient since 1996 , twenty freakin years. During that so called period of affliction he has continued a full working life,  commercial and public and I have no knowledge of any serious problems around the delivery he achieves with either.

My love of over half a century has been diagnosed with the neurological condition for over six years and although some problems around movement and energy. She stIll accomplishes more than many her age and although some of the medications can give side effect problems including nausea, none of them can in any way be problematical as to her abilities to reason, think or act.

Whether that woman has Parkinsons or not is of little interest to me however that said there is a whole lot of baggage in her life that gives serious cause to doubt her fitness for the office of POTUS.
So I return to my central thoughts around the current state of the Union and wonder still how such a great and successful nation can find itself so bereft of genuine talent in its search for a next head of state.
Makes a great case for the monarchy in the UK and those Commonwealth States that have continued to avoid the bogfest of debauchery that the US finds itself struggling in.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


but with the latest Fox News poll which traditionally has a Republican bias showing that Clinton's lead over Trump has grown to 7 points and Bill O'Reilly, their respected anchorman and erstwhile Trump supporter now saying out loud that this election is a sad day for America and it can't get much worse for camp Trump.

But it can.   Adam was a cowboy the last time that Utah voted the Blue team but right now Clinton is only a few percentage points behind Trump ... the reason, a guy called Evan McMullin, standing as an Independent, who in the latest Monmouth University poll was preferred by 20% of respondents.   McMullin was a sometime CIA agent and GOP policy strategist, a devout Mormon (helps in Utah) and, above all, an avowed conservative who argues that Trump never was.    As it stands right now he's on the ballot in 34 States and likely to go higher.   He won't win but every vote he gets is one less for Trump.   One senses the stirrings of a campaign to win back control of the GOP from the dead end street that Trump is driving it down.

Still, it's never over till it's over but I suspect that America is poised to elect as their President someone who will assume office as hugely damaged goods and, more likely than not, be a one term President.

Friday, October 14, 2016


King Bhumibol Adulyade had died aged aged 88 ending the reign of the world's longest serving monarch.    In Thailand he was revered and enjoyed almost God like status.   He was the glue and unifying force that held the country together through a succession of military coups.   The outpouring of grief that you see is genuine.

A couple of decades ago  I had the privilege of dining with the King and Queen at the Royal Palace in Bangkok when I was part of an official delegation enjoying 'guest of government' status. An unforgettable experience made even more memorable by the fact that the King went out of his way to have a one-on-one conversation with me as the most junior member of the delegation.   First and only time I have ever eaten off gold plate.   He also presented me with a medal which I could never wear.    I think it commemorated Buddha's birthday.

Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn (64) will now assume the throne.   He is widely seen as a playboy who spends much of his abroad and does not enjoy the same affection as the late King did.

Interesting times ahead for Thailand.


I see that crimdotcon is contemplating a return to politics at next years general election but this time he's looking at hitching his wagon to the Greens.    You can read it here

In any normal Party I suspect his support would be about as welcome as a pork chop in a synagogue/mosque but whoever said the Greens were a normal Party.

Whatever, I'll be cheering him every step of the way always assuming of course he won't be in an orange jumpsuit heading east.

Spot The Anomaly

From the hopeless Herald:-

Here's the picture

 The smokestack industries are under a thick cloud. Picture / Greg Bowker

 and here's the headline.

Woods: Agri emissions must be tackled

Can you see anything wrong?

Not a cow in sight
A picture of a gas/coal fired power station
Some harmless steam rising from a cooling tower

Just the media wing of the Labour Party spreading more lies and misinformation.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016


Watching the chattering classes react to Judith Collins and you are reminded of Pavlov's dog and classical conditioning.

It is refreshing to see someone stand up and tell sometime anarchist Metiria Turei and her Labour Party side-kick Jacinda Ardern along with their fellow politically correct driven apologists a few home truths ... that many of the problems blamed on child poverty can be sheeted home to the parent.   "I don't just see monetary poverty.   I see a poverty of ideas, a poverty of parental responsibility, a poverty of love, a poverty of caring".

She went on to point out the obvious ... that this country has an extensive and generous social welfare system, better than many other developed countries, that caters for people in genuine need.  "I can tell you that it's not just a lack of money, it's primarily a lack of responsibility - I know it's not PC - but, you know, that's just me."

Lack of responsibility nurtured by the idea that the welfare state is there to provide the answer to all of life's problems.    Said it before and I'll continue to say it ... Sir Apirima Ngata had it right when he said social welfare will destroy my people (paraphrased).    

Judith Collins tells it how it is and the chardonnay socialists squeal because they don't like hearing simple home truths.  We can continue to throw money at the problem until the cows come home but until there is a step change in mindset then nothing much will change.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Auckland local body elections

Like a lot of people, I watched the clusterf**k unfold last Saturday, but my sentiment was more of amusement rather than disappointment.  And that's because I saw this coming about 6 months ago, or maybe even longer.  I was involved in the campaign at a candidate level for a local board, and tried to distance myself from Auckland Future as best I could.  Stevie Wonder could have seen what was coming for them.

The political right in local body politics in Auckland exhibit the same attitude and make the same mistakes that Labour does at central politics level at the moment.  Both sets of players talk at voters, rather than to them.  They both believe they are right (as in correct) and soon the dumb voters will wake up and realise it.  But critically, they both utterly fail in their political messaging and strategy.  Both Labour and the centre right in Auckland local body politics believe if they keep doing the same things - the very things that have failed Labour and the centre right in Auckland local body politics since 2010 - eventually they will succeed as the voters will inevitably see sense.

Of course, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of stupidity.

The centre right in Auckland local body politics simply fail to understand how an ex Alliance MP and staunch trade unionist, Grant Gillon, gets 11,000+ votes in the North Shore electorate.  Now they're shaking their collective heads over how a Labour candidate from 2014 in Northcote can get elected along with a soft blue green type candidate in the ward, with their candidate getting about one third the votes of the winner.

Until the likes of Auckland Future start listening to people who actually do understand it, and until they start beginning to understand, they will continue to fail.  And miserably.